Sanford Museum Association
The Sanford Museum Association is an organization of volunteers who contribute
time and money to enrich the offerings of the Sanford Museum and Planetarium.Working in cooperation with museum staff, the association hosts exhibits, lectures,
and demonstrations, sponsors programs of research, and purchases museum
equipment and library books. The association also sponsors several programs each year.

To find out about becoming a Sanford Museum Association member, E-mail us at
sanfordmuseum@sanfordmuseum.orgThe programs for 2018 are:  


January 13, Saturday - The Dixon Site, A Frontier Oneota Village on the Little Sioux River - Mark Anderson 

7:30 p.m.

The Dixon Site, 13WD8, is a village occupied by the Oneota, archaeologically recognized in the early 1950s, with excavations conducted in 1964 and 1994. These studies documented a slice of the life-ways of these agricultural peoples.  Additional excavations were conducted during the 2016-2017 season prior to bank stabilization protecting Iowa Highway 31.  This presentation will cover these recent excavations and further discuss our understandings of Oneota occupations in northwest Iowa.

February 17 - Appalachian Trail Hike:  Alone, 69 and holding! - Kay Rutherford  

7:30 p.m.

Join us for a night of stories, fun photos and laughter.  Hometown girl will tell of her hiking venture of 1500 miles and 14 states for 4 months in 2017.  Trail mix included!

March 10 - Culinary History of Iowa - Darcy Maulsby 

7:30 p.m.

What comes to mind when you think of Iowa food? Everyone has an Iowa food story, and Lake City author Darcy Dougherty Maulsby will bring these stories to life.   During her fun, interactive program, Maulsby serves up fascinating tidbits and cooking tips related to more than 150 years of Iowa cuisine and ethnic food traditions, from all corners of the state.

April 29 - Baseball: A Significant Component of Northwestern Iowa History - Joan Wendl Thomas  

2:00 p.m.

Author and Historian Joan Wendl Thomas describes the importance of baseball to the people of early Northwestern Iowa.  With vintage, and sometimes rare, photos, she details significant names from the many teams that drew enthusiastic crowds to the ballparks.  Some played for barnstorming teams that thrilled ball fans in small towns throughout the area.  In addition to those from Cherokee County, she talks about the surprising number of locally grown talents that joined the ranks of the Major Leagues.


August 11 - Saturday – Meteors, A Movie and More! 

8:00 p.m.

Join us for a special evening of Meteors!  We will begin at the Sanford Museum with a special planetarium program about meteors and the night sky.  Then we will go to the high school baseball field and enjoy some popcorn, a great movie and a beautiful meteor shower.  Bring your lawn chairs and bug spray!  Remember MUSEUM first!

September 15 - Our State Fair Is a Great State Fair (But You Already Know That!) - Mary Kay Shanley  *Humanities Iowa Program 

7:30 p.m.

Our State Fair – Iowa’s Blue Ribbon Story is the book that chronicles 150 years of our unique August experience. Discover the stories – from watching two locomotives collide in front of a packed Grandstand to riding the Roller Coaster or sneaking a smooch with your sweetheart while gliding through Ye Old Mill, from parading your Charolais around the ring to watching judges test your piecrust, from camping in Tent City to eating your noon meal beside your car. Author Mary Kay Shanley shares best-of-the-best tales, which are accompanied by a few of the book’s 500 brilliant photographs. There’ll be time for sharing your great State Fair story.

October 13 - Mongolia:  The Land of Eternal Blue Sky - Darla Struck  

7:30 p.m.

Mongolia truly lives up to its reputation! The astonishing landscapes range from mountains, deserts, lakes, grasslands and urban skyline. The country is steeped in a culture of hospitality, and even today everyone is received with a warm welcome. Mongolia is approximately twice the size of Texas. Traditional nomads are adapting to modernization while keeping traditional lifestyles alive. Mongolia's culture, food, arts and festivals are like none other.

November 10 - The United States and World War I, 1917-1918 - Don Hickey 

7:30 p.m.

In this illustrated presentation, Prof. Don Hickey of Wayne State College will talk about America’s role in World War I.  He will discuss the nation’s military, naval, and economic contributions, the economic impact of the war at home, and the domestic hatreds that the war generated.  The war was a watershed for the United States, marking the emergence of the nation as the preeminent power in the world.

To find out about becoming a Sanford Museum Association member, E-mail us at