The Sanford Museum offers a variety of educational programs for groups on subjects including Astronomy, Geology, History, Natural History, and Prehistory. Appointments for classes should be made at least one month in advance. Classes are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. All take 45 minutes to 1 hour.
If you are interested in scheduling a field trip, please call us at 712-225-3922.

Animal Classification - (45 minutes) Play animal twister to learn how the animal world is divided into different classes. Works best for grades K-2

Animal Tracks - (45 minutes) Identify common animals using the clues they leave behind. Make & take home a clay animal track. Works best for grades PK-2

Insects and Spiders - (45 minutes) Learn how insects and spiders are similar and different. Play a fun game by building an insect or spider one creepy part at a time! Works best for grades K - 4

Dinosaurs - (45 minutes) Learn about dinosaurs through slides, models, and the museum's specimens. Works best for grades K - 2

Ice Age - (45 minutes) Take a walk through Iowa's Ice Age past and learn about some of the interesting creatures that lived here. Works best for grades K-6Fossils - (45 minutes) Use paleontologist's tools to dig a fossil out of rock and take the fossil home. Works best for grades K - 12

Museum Jr. Explorer - Explore the museum's exhibits while completing a scavenger hunt.Works best for grades K - 2

Oceans - (45 minutes) Identify ocean elements, look at some ocean creatures and create an ocean craft to take home. Works best for grades PK- 2

Museum Sr. Explorer - Explore the museum's exhibits while completing a scavenger hunt.Works best for grades 3 and up

NW Iowa Prehistory - (45 minutes) Discover Iowa's prehistory through hands on exhibits and artifacts. Works best for grades 2 and up

Rocks & Minerals - (45 minutes) Classify rocks and minerals. Learn how they are related to each other. Works best for grades 3 and up

Animal Skulls - (45 minutes) Identify an animal skull and learn how its adaptations helped it to survive. Works best for grades 3 - 6

Pioneer Trails - (45 minutes) Interact with early Northwest Iowa history through artifacts, read real pioneer diaries, and plan a trip west. Works best for grades 2 - 6

Genetics - (45 minutes) Learn what makes every pperson unique. Fun with "Yougene", DNA, chromosomes, codons, and more. Works best for grades 3 - 6

Owls - (45 minutes) Learn what makes owls such fascinating creatures. See owl pellets, bones and feathers and hear their sounds. Works best for grades PK - 3

Soils - (30 minutes) Learn how archaeologists use soil to discover the past. Works best for grades 2 - 7

Flintknapping - (45 minutes) Learn how stone tools were made and try your hand at making your own. Works best for grades 4 and up

Human Evolution - (45 minutes) Take an anthropological perspective on the evolution of humans. This is a great chance to see our casts of real hominid skulls. Works best for grades 7 and up 

Field TripsGeology or History Walking Tour - Explore geology or history of the local buildings of downtown Cherokee.

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