Our New Planetarium

Our Grand Opening is January 20th!

The Sanford Museum is excited for our new SciDome Theater, opening on January 20th! Our new Spitz SciDome IQ 2400 projector has replaced our 1951 Spitz A-1 projector. We will have a variety of public shows that day, giving everyone a sample of what our new system has to offer. 

After our opening, we will be offering public programs every Sunday and Wednesday as well as programs for groups and schools during the week by reservation.  


We can now offer programs in three different subject areas:     

Astronomy: You may have done the night sky programs with us before, but with our new starry program your experience will be spectacular! We will be able to explore constellations, planets, galaxies and so much more!   

Layered Earth: This program gives us the ability to explore many different aspects of our planet. The rocks that form the Earth, land formations, sea floors, plate tectonics are just a few of the many layers we can navigate through.  

 Human Anatomy: Travel through and around the human body. With the 3D simulations we will be able to look at the many complicated systems of our bodies. For example, we can explore the skeletal, muscular and nervous system of the human body or perhaps just look at one isolated organ or bone.     


Our public planetarium shows will be held every Sunday and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.  beginning January 21.  

Planetarium shows can also be reserved by appointment for groups of 10 or more, on weekdays.