Our flexible volunteer program allows people of all ages and backgrounds to come learn about the inner workings of a museum. We’re always in need of an extra pair of hands to help handle fragile mammoth tasks, wash projectile points, or carefully catalog prehistoric ceramics. Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved at the Sanford Museum Internships

Internships at the Sanford Museum offer a great, well-rounded museum experience. Our internships can suit any level of student, from high school to graduate level. Get hands on experience for an entire summer or semester, or just for a spring/winter break period. This opportunity is perfect for students in a number disciplines ranging from archaeology, museum studies, history, geography, graphic design, and biology.

Contact us for more information or for an Internship Application:

Internship Concentrations:

Collections Management

Exhibit design and set up

Archaeological equipment training and use (total station, gradiometer, GPS)


Archaeological site surveys

Patron assistance

Artifact identification

Educational programming

Field Schools: Sanford Museum and Planetarium has a long history of local field schools where interested students or community members can get hands on experience working at an archaeological site. Field schools are an opportunity to learn about archaeology of Northwest Iowa, while also learning to survey, excavate, and preserve artifacts.

Contact us at archaeologist@sanfordmuseum.org with any questions