We have exhibits featuring everything from Astronomy to Archaeology!

Current Events

East Gallery The Displays in the East Gallery tell the story of Cherokee's development. The struggles and triumphs of the early settlers are portrayed through historical artifacts. 

Art wall
Local artists display their skills on the Art Wall in the East Gallery. 

Artists featured  in 2020:

January: Nanette Catigbe

February: Amee Ellis

March: Amee Ellis

April: Carleen Hon

May: Kelsey Wilson

June: Cherokee Soils Posters

July: John Moyers

August: Kimberly Baxter Packwood

September: Dax Sterner

October: 4-H 

November: Deanna Skoken

December: Correen Johnson

For information about how to be featured on our Art Wall, please email us at artdirector@sanfordmuseum.org

West Gallery
The West gallery constantly changes. It is in this area that we build five major exhibits a year.


Coming Soon: Energy: Watt's Up

Sanford Room Furnished in mid-nineteenth century style, the Sanford Room provides a beautiful setting for many of our historic artifacts. 

Lower Level The lower level tells the prehistory of Northwest Iowa. Many fossils from Iowa's prehistoric sea are exhibited.The early inhabitants of this area are known to us only through the artifacts they left behind. Using part of our collection of prehistoric artifacts, our exhibits show how those early people lived in Northwest Iowa.Our Natural History exhibits have a variety of wildlife. From the smallest insect to the adult opossum, this area contains many of the birds, mammals and insects living in 


Explore everything from Space to Archaeology in our Lower Level!


The Sanford Room is a time capsule intended to reflect the lives of people living in the mid 19th Century.


Our East Gallery features history of the area and an Art Wall that changes every month!