Historic Collections: Our historic collections are focused on the lives and culture of people in Northwestern Iowa. They include artifacts such as clothing, furniture, glassware, children’s toys, farm equipment, and much more.For more information on archival collections of Northwestern Iowa, contact OSA or Cherokee Public Library

Prehistoric Collections: Our archaeological collections are focused on the lives of people who settled in Northwestern Iowa prior to European contact. Our collections represent cultures from the Paleo-Indian Period, through the Archaic and Woodland, and up to the Late Prehistoric Mill Creek, Oneota, Glenwood, and Great Oasis.Sites where many of our collections from:• Brewster Site• Crocker Site• Phipps Site• Sewer Site• Simonsen Site

Research at the Museum: The Sanford Museum strives to make their archaeological collections accessible to researchers. 

Contact us at to learn more about the scope of our collections and discuss a research plan.