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The Northwest Chapter

The Northwest Chapter was organized as a branch of the Iowa Archeological Society, and members are pledged to support and further the aims and purposes of the parent organization.


Our goals are to further archaeological knowledge and to gather, record, and publish information of all archaeological remains, whether they are sites, data, or artifacts, for the benefit of future generations of Iowans and scientists.

Meetings and Events

The Northwest Chapter meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. In addition to discussing upcoming events, these monthly meetings feature special activities, field trips, or presentations. These meetings are open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend!


Odd Artifacts

Megan will scour the Sanford Museum to find the oddities in our collections. Bring your own artifacts for discussion!


Conservation Workshop

Topic: Prehistoric Ivory Stabilization

Join us at the Sanford Museum to get as close to a mammoth as you safely can! Tyler Hahn will show us how to stabilize mammoth and mastodon tusks according to museum standards


What’s on the Menu at a Plains Village?

Dr. Landon Karr from Augustana College will be presenting on his research on prehistoric village sites around the plains region and the zooarchaeology of those sites. His research includes the Brewster Site, which is located near Cherokee.


Cabin Fever Flintknapping

Fight off the winter blues by smashing some rocks! During this program we will learn about stone tool production and you will get a chance to make your own!


Program with the Office of the
State Archaeologist

Elizabeth Reetz, director of education with the Office of the State Archaeologist, will be joining us in March to talk about assorted topics in Iowa Archaeology.


April Fools Anthropology

Join us at the Sanford Museum to hear about Anthropologist, Taylor Wards’ research.


Seasonal Newsletter

Seasonal Newsletter Members of NWIAS receive a newsletter four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Newsletters highlight local research, archaeological and paleontological finds, Northwest Chapter news, and upcoming events.


Become a Member

All meetings are open to the public, and are regularly announced to members. Membership dues are only $3 per person and payable once a year on the calendar year. Send payment to Sanford Museum

Iowa Archaeological Society

Membership in the Iowa Archaeological Society is $20 and not required, but is highly recommended. Go to their website to learn more about member benefits and events.

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